7 Employee Engagement Ideas to Build Company Culture

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Employee Programs

In today’s environment, a healthy company culture with higly engaged employees is more important than ever. There are many ways to increase staff’s engagement and we want to share 7 of them with you today.  From employee onboarding to recognition awards and company events, these multi-faceted experiences are not hard to implement and will help develop a positive corporate culture. 

1. Employee Onboarding Packages

From their first day on the job, new employees begin to form perceptions relating to company culture. When you create an engaging onboarding experience, you help new employees feel welcome, can provide access to resources, and develop a sense of community among their peers. 

Welcome new hires to your company by supplying them with company-branded gifts. Water bottles that can be refilled at work, branded stickers for their laptops, and t-shirts are a popular way to make a new employee feel welcome and a part of the team.


2. Celebrate Milestones with Recognition Awards Ceremonies

When an employee reaches a new milestone, whether it be a certain length of time with the company or closing a big deal, celebrate the occasion with them. Give them public recognition with a shoutout, followed up by an award or a company-branded product unique to the achievement. You could also set aside time at the end of the day or during a company-wide video conference to highlight their accomplishments. 


3. Encourage Their Individuality 

When your employees can bring their authentic selves to the office, they feel more engaged and confident. A confident employee is not afraid to share new ideas or take on more responsibility. To encourage individuality, take an interest in their interests. For example, how they unwind on the weekends, what they do outside of the office, and some of their hobbies. 

When employees feel like cogs in a machine, engagement will rapidly decline. By showing an interest in their uniqueness and shining a light on it, you will have teams of employees who are comfortable bringing their strengths to the table. 


4. Send Care Packages to Remote Employees

Remote employees often feel left out of corporate culture, as they are not in the office, forming the strong social bonds that create a sense of community. To help them feel included, consider sending them care packages. This is a great way to make work-from-home employees feel acknowledged and appreciated. 

While gift cards are an easy way to accomplish this, it pales in comparison to a customized gift set


5. Celebrate Employee Work Anniversaries

Celebrating work anniversaries is an excellent way to show your employees that you pay attention to them as individuals. You can do this by giving a shoutout in a company newsletter or slack channel. You can also give them a VIP Pass to your company swag store for them to choose a top tier item, create a wall of appreciation that their colleagues contribute to, or send them a catered lunch. 


6. Create Team-building Exercises

Facilitating team-building exercises will foster a sense of community within your company and help transcend any roadblocks between your employees and upper management. When employees can socialize outside of work, these team-building moments can lead to stronger working relationships, improved communication, and increased job satisfaction. 

Organizing holiday parties, summer happy hours, group lunches, and even trivia days will help relationships grow and create a sense of community. 


7. Send Work-From-Home Gift Packages

As employees continue to work from home, it can be easy for them to feeling like outsiders. Working from home is not easy, as most people don’t have the extra space to create an office. To help with this, you can send your employees custom barnded desk items and tech items they wouldn’t normally own. Check our coilection of work-from-home gifts for some cool ideas that will facilitate a better working environment. 



Improving employee engagement will have a ripple effect throughout your company and will manifest a sense of community among all who work there. Knowing that their hard work will be recognized and rewarded, their individuality is noticed and appreciated, improves confidence, and foster collaborative relationships with co-workers.

If you would like to plan any of these activities, we can help

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