Employee Appreciation Gifts & Retention Programs

How Do Your Employees Rate Your Company?

Employee retention has become a very important factor these days. Employee appreciation gifts can help in building a favorable company culture were your staff feels valued. But it has to be ingrained in the way your company operates.

Employee Retention Programs Can Help You Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your People

Retention of productive employees is a major concern of HR professionals, and for good reason. Especially in today’s job market, it is far more efficient to retain a quality employee than to recruit and train a new one of the same level.

We Can Help Create Effective Retention Programs

While there are other important factors such as compensation and career advancement, creating an environment conducive to job satisfaction and engagement are key.

The main objectives of an employee program are to increase performance, productivity, and quality of work. This reduces turnover and employee-related problems.

There are tons of activities that can help improve employee morale and motivation.  The best retention programs include a combination of small tokens of appreciation and more elaborate award programs.  

You are likely to have many good activity ideas, but these tasks take time.  With so much already on your plate, some of these initiatives might never come to fruition.

Employee Appreciation Gifts Programs

We at KSM Promotions have been working with our clients in their employee programs for over 20 years. We have seen their evolution over the years, and love the many new product options that are coming into the market. From off-the-shelf awards, to fully custom commemorative pieces, you can have the perfect fit for your program.

Traditional Awards Programs

Traditional glass awards, plaques, and buttons remain the tried and true for certain occasions.
They are perfect for Years of Service type of awards, Sales Achievement, among others.  But you now have more designs, materials and customization options.


KSM Promotions will work with you in creating the most suitable Recognition Awards Programs for your company, to effectively engage your employees.

Employee Swag Kits

Company activities can help employees feel that your organization is a great place to work.  Employees appreciate participating as a team in activities such as community volunteering, company trainings, and team building activities.

The swag kit to use at these activities will help in creating a bond with your company culture. We can help you create the perfect swag kit to create lasting memories and a stronger connection with your brand values.

KSM Promotions will work with you in creating the most suitable Recognition Awards Programs for your company, to effectively engage your employees.

New Hire Welcome Kits

Employee welcome packages can be an important tool to set your new team member for success.  The mere fact of receiving a special box with useful company swag will make them feel welcomed and part of the family. First impressions are lasting impressions, so it will set the stage for a positive training experience.

We can help you create a fun package that will give your new hire a taste of your brand and company culture.

There are a few items that could be considered standard to be included in the welcome kit, such as office supplies, welcome card, staff contacts directory, training materials, a company mug, and water bottle, but you can also make it fun with the packaging.

It might take a bit of time to put together, especially when it comes to deciding on the branded items to include, but we can help you narrow it down and execute it.

Let’s create a fun and engaging employee welcome kit for your company.

Uniform Programs

Your employees are your brand ambassadors. We can ensure that their uniforms are in alignment with your brand image.

We provide solutions that are stylish, functional and comfortable to use,  and durable to withstand repeated wear and laundering.

Find out more about our apparel options here.

The KSM Advantage

We have over 20 years of experience developing and executing employee retention programs for some of today’s top companies.

Here are some of the ways we help our clients:

  • Price ranges are always aligned with your budget.
  • Your organizational parameters are our guidelines
  • We can provide consolidated and departmental billing based on your accounting needs
  • Your demographic profile drives our product ideas
  • You receive regular product updates to keep you on trend
  • We can take care of the design and production of signage, booth or kiosk, and collateral materials.


A lack of recognition can have a negative effect on the other employee satisfaction factors, especially culture. It can also have an impact on your company reputation.

Providing genuine appreciation and recognition on an ongoing basis will reduce turnover and retain your most valuable employees, and have a positive impact on your overall employee retention efforts.

Let’s create a work environment where your employees are motivated to deliver their best work.


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