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Having your own swag store is the best, most efficient way to make your pre-approved branded merchandise collection available to your employees.

Our company store solutions make it easy to streamline the ordering and distribution of your company swag. Providing a centralized place for your employees to place their orders, saves time, saves money, and also protects your brand, making the process a whole lot more efficient. 

Setting up your store might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help you in every step of the process, from the selection of the products to keeping your store stocked adequately with work clothing, internal use branded supplies, promotional materials for trade shows and conferences, and much more.

Increase employee engagement in a cost-effective way by making your company swag accessible through a simple online platform, available exclusively to your staff, that meets your exact requirements. 


Simplify Your Employees’ Branded Merchandise and Work Clothing Sourcing, With Your Own Online Company Store.


Your Company Store Can Easily Supply

  • Conference and trainings branded materials
  • Trade show banners, backdrops, tablecloths and giveaways
  • Logoed office supplies and stationery
  • Your branded apparel collection
  • Promotional swag
  • Business gifts
  • Awards
  • Onboarding welcome kits
  • Signage
  • Much more!


Ease of Ordering

Your authorized employees can order as little as one item, or as much as they need for an event, wherever they are, even from their phones. and also choose where they want them shipped. No more having to go through higher-ups to get their orders placed.  No more having to check with other departments looking  to increase the order quantity to get a better quantity price. Less paperwork, fewer people involved, less time, and lower costs.  

You decide ahead of time who’s authorized to order from the website and how.


Company Store Helps Build Strong Brands

Consistency is key in building a recognizable and strong brand. Chances are, you have a set of brand guidelines for displaying your logo and its variations, your tagline, colors, fonts, etc.  This ensures that your company or organization’s brand elements always appear in the same way across all marketing platforms. It can be harder to achieve if your staff is ordering uniforms and swag from different vendors.

A company store ensures brand consistency all around, both internally, building employee engagement and loyalty, and externally, as your promotional materials and merchandise will always be on brand. It ensures that everyone in your organization uses the correct logo and colors for all their swag and uniforms. It also ensures that your company swag is approved by you and represents your company the way you want.


Manage Incentive and Rewards Programs

Employee Incentives and Rewards programs become easy to plan and implement through a company store. From awards to swag kits to high-end gifts, to an easy way to cash in employees’ reward points, your company store provides the flexibility you need in your fast-paced business environment. 


Minimize Costs

The cost of setting up and run your online company store for employees will be widely outweighed by the savings:

  • Eliminates labor costs related to inefficient ordering logistics
  • Allows to order larger quantities of each item and enjoy bulk ordering discounts
  • Ease of ordering avoids rush fees


What Does it Take To Set Up a Custom Store?

It all depends on the type of store you need and the level of features required.

Temporary “Pop Up” Merchandise Stores

Simple stores are the perfect solution for “pop-up” style merch stores that you only need for a set period of time, such as uniform ordering, fundraising, and seasonal programs. These stores can be setup in a couple of weeks most of the time. — simple stores are a great temporary solution for brands who don’t need a full-blown company store.

Full-Featured Company Stores

These types of stores require planning ahead to determine the functionality you would like the store to have. Initially, you’ll want to gather information about your company’s use of branded merchandise You might want to survey your employees, review your orders for the last year, bring in your department heads into brainstorming sessions, etc.

We guide you and facilitate this process, every step of the way.

Once you have a good idea of the use and types of products/quantities your company will need, we go to the planning phase.

  1. We start by clarifying your goals. 
  2. What type of store do you want to create? What’s its purpose? 
  3. Next is determining the internal ordering process you want. Will you have ordering restrictions? Will there be an approval process? Will there be budgets assigned to departments? 
  4. Next is determining the products for your store.

Once the planning is complete, it takes 2-4 weeks to setup a new company store depending on the amount of custom programming and the number of items included in the store. 


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