Care Packages Ideas for Remote Employees

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Employee Programs

care packages ideas for employees

Due to the current circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies and organizations have asked their employees to work from home without having much time for preparation. Even though many already have part of their workforce working from home, at least part-time, for most, employees and managers are working apart from each other indefinitely for the first time, feeling isolated at best. Employers are turning to branded gift packages to show appreciation and confidence in the company’s stability during this tough time. Finding nice combinations of branded merchandise that will communicate their story and continue to build company culture.   We have some ideas of items that could be included in these types of employee care packages that will bring a sense of belonging and also a bit of much-needed comfort.


Online video meetings are becoming the new normal and your employees might not have the proper Bluetooth earpiece at hand, they’ll surely appreciate a set they can dedicate for work calls. The best are the ones that fit more easily in your ear and they come with a storage charging case so they’ll never lose them. And they will always be charged and ready to go!  Headphones

Phone Stand Wireless Charger

A wireless charger and phone stand combination can make the work area at home a lot more comfortable, eliminating cables that always get in the way, and keeping the phone at hand while at the desk.

Journal and Pen

The cathartic effect of writing down your thoughts and feelings is well known. Including a journal and pen as part of your care package will provide a specific place to journaling to ease the anxiety of the new situation. There are many styles to choose from to suit your audience, we love both these classic leather journals as well as the trendy ones that have a cel holder to keep everything in one place. High End journals Trendy journals

Yoga Mat

It’s a good idea to encourage movement during the workday, and experts agree on the benefits of a good Yoga stretching routine. A yoga mat makes it easier to get comfortable and “in the “zone”, especially for those who are new to the practice. custom yoga mat

Step Counter – Pedometer

Another idea to encourage movement is a pedometer. You can set goals for your team and reward those who take the most steps,  it will create engagement and camaraderie while encouraging them to take walks, even if it’s around their yard or inside their homes.   Custom step counter

Branded  Mug and Tea

This might sound too simple and overdone, but there is a special sense of comfort in taking a break to sip a warm, fragrant cup of tea. We love this stylish matte ceramic mug with a cork base that protects hands and surfaces from heat, plus eliminates the need for a coaster. It features an easy press-in lid to help minimize spills. The large imprint area allows you to print an uplifting message, in addition to your logo. To take a step further in helping calm the tension, add a box of your favorite brand of soothing tea, or a custom pack like this Stress Relief Tea and Honey Stick kit to make it more personal. branded mug

Free Music Downloads & Movies

Music can help us stay focused while we work, and you can give your staff free music they can download, to make help uplift their spirit. Children are home, and we all know it’s not easy to keep them occupied. Sending your employees free movies their kids can watch will be an appreciated gift. There are thousands of popular movies and new releases in many different genres and collections available, including Action and Adventure, Anime, Children’s, Classics, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Holiday, Horror, Musicals, Romance, Sci-Fi, Indie and more. They can be enjoyed from a Mac or PC computer, mobile device or tablet, game console, or internet-enabled home theater system. Free movies promotional gifts There are many more ideas that could be included in an employee care package, we think it’s a good practice to balance the mix of items to use while working with some to be used to promote exercise and relaxation, and that they might not have.  We hope you find these ideas useful and if you would like to discuss a care package for your employees, we can help with the entire process, from the selection of the items to sourcing to packaging and distribution.  If you’d like to discuss your employee custom care packages, we are glad to help! Contact us and tell us about your project.

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