Five Benefits of Having a Company Merch Store

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Company Stores

benefits of employee swag stores

Company merchandise stores have become a popular solution when it comes to company swag and branded apparel management. There are many advantages to having a centralized shop-like place for employees to get their marketing materials, uniforms, and swag on their own, when they need it, without having to deal with all the promotional products production moving parts.

These Are the Top Five Advantages of Having an Online Company Swag Store


1. Increases Brand Awareness

Company swag is proven to build brand awareness. When someone wears your branded jackets, T-shirts, bags, etc, out in public, your brand is being exposed to a broader audience you wouldn’t reach otherwise. Making your merch available through a company store increases the chances of your merch being acquired and used because it’s easy to get, as opposed to the old school methods that are cumbersome and time consuming for your staff, often leading to missed exposure opportunities.


2. Ensures Brand Consistency

The swag you hand out and the garments your employees wear are a representation of your organization’s brand. When different departments order their own swag for their events and programs, it leads to a mismatched collection of branded products throughout your organization, oftentimes including items of questionable quality or purpose that end up in the landfills. Talk about wasting money and promotional opportunities… A company store solves this problem once and for all. Your store can provide a collection of carefully chosen items that represent the brand, in both big and small ways, in a consistent manner.


3. Helps Build Team Culture

Company swag stores are a simple way to increase employee engagement with your organization, build team culture and sense of community. Offering high quality swag items that your employees are excited to use or wear helps draw interest and participation in your employee training, safety protocols, and incentives and rewards programs. All without having your HR staff spending endless hours in branded products research, sourcing, tracking and storing.


4. Helps Increase Sales

A company swag store can provide your sales team with a quick and easy way to send corporate gifts to top clients as a “thank you” when closing a sale. This is something few companies do because it’s cumbersome, so your clients won’t expect it and it will set you apart and put a smile on their faces, increasing customer retention, upsell and repeat business.
Your sales team can also send branded gifts to key prospects as a “foot in the door” to start sales conversations.


5. Saves Money

There is an upfront cost of setting up a company store, plus the time required for planning, but once it’s up and running, the savings in product costs and employee hours will outweigh those initial costs, many times over.

  • You will never have to deal with swag leftovers that result from individual departments ordering for their events, which end up taking up
  • space in storage closets for months and even years.
  • Your employees will never have to spend hours in swag ordering related tasks.
  • You’ll benefit from significant discounts in larger bulk ordering.
  • You’ll avoid rush production and expedite shipping fees when orders are placed at the last minute.
  • You’ll make much better use of your swag budget.

In Conclusion

This summarizes the top benefits of having an internal company store, according to our clients. If you’re considering a company store for your organization, we can help. From planning, to product selection, to fulfillment, we make the process painless. Let’s set up a demo at your convenience, no obligation of any kind.

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