The Making Of A Unique, Made-To-Order, Promotional Item

by | Jun 24, 2018 | Unique Items

custom design promotional items

Even though there are over one million products ready to be customized with your logo, there are times that call for one that’s exclusive to your brand. We at KSM Promotions love those projects because of the creative process and the end result is one of a kind.

Clients often ask what’s involved in producing their own brand product, so we will use a recent project as an example to show you what it entails.

This is a custom-made golden plated spoon-fork we produced for KFC.

Let’s walk through the process.


Step One: Complete Project Information

Just like in any other custom branded project, we start with discussing timelines, quantities, and budget. These factors are always important but in the case of a custom designed product, the process takes longer and can’t be rushed. Just the proofing stage can take several rounds, which will add time. Also, quantities will be much higher than ordering “off the shelf”,  and so will be the costs. It is very important to us that our clients are clear about all these basic factors before the project begins, to make sure their expectations are met. Once it’s established that the timeline and quantity factors work for our client, we go over the specs of the product.

Step 2: Project Quote

Unlike quoting a stock item, a custom product requires taking our client’s parameters to our partner factory to discuss the actual manufacturing of the product.  At this point, we often come back to the client with a couple of options so the final the specs can be complete. The quote will also include the cost of producing mockups and sometimes actual product samples.

Step 3: Making it Happen

The fun part begins: bringing the client’s vision to reality.

For this spoon, their vision was a golden metal cast spoon with their emblematic Colonel Sanders brand image shaped at the end of the handle. As you can see, we delivered:


To get to this one of a kind golden spoon, the first step was to produce a mockup that detailed the dimensions, proportions, and shape. Every change and adjustment requested warrants a new proof.  As many as necessary until it’s right.


Once the mockup was finally approved, we produced a 3D CAD rendering. In this case, it was not possible to include the branded image on the handle, but the client was able to appreciate the shape and proportions of the spoon.


Once the client gave their ok we proceeded to production. The last step before it shipped, an actual photo of the spork was sent for final approval.

Since our factory is domestic, the entire process, from start to finish, took 30 days. This is not always the case, especially if it’s necessary to go with our overseas team.

If your company is looking to create a custom branded item, we at KSM Promotions have the experience that will ensure a great product and a great experience.  From initial drafts, product samples, tooling process, inspection control, logistics management and all the way to final delivery to your ultimate location. 

Whether your project calls for a fully custom design item or can work with one of the many available, we’d love to help.

Click here to get in touch and get started and tell us about your project.


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