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As marketers, it is very important to stay on top of market trends to produce relevant communications, activities, and events that connect to our audience in meaningful ways. That includes the company swag you give away because it says a lot about your company culture.  As you plan this year’s branded merchandise purchases, you’ll want to maximize its effectiveness in supporting your message, so selecting the right products can be critical.

 To help you with that task, here is our summary of findings that will define your swag marketing in 2020.

This year we see the same trends we observed last year going strong, such as retail quality, bold and varied colors, vintage look, and technology products. But there is one that stands above the rest: the environmental conservation trend, which is not necessarily new, but it’s becoming more of a growing movement at this point and it’s influencing the swag world in a big way.

Sustainability is everywhere with all kinds of products, not only manufactured with recycled materials, but also products made using responsible and sustainable manufacturing methods, biodegradable products, renewable materials, and the use of natural products with fewer chemicals in them.

Let’s see a few examples.

Products Made Entirely From Plastic Bottles

Big and small companies have been increasing their product line made from recycled bottles materials. Patagonia is probably the leader in that regard,  they have been making recycled polyester from plastic soda bottles since 1993. Other known companies have joined them, as featured in this post by Business Insider.

Nowadays, there is a significant increase in the number of products in the swag world that are made entirely with recycled plastic bottles material. We see them in all the ranges, from inexpensive bottle insulators to higher-end products.  A perfect example of a quality product made of recycled plastic bottles is this awesome 42” auto open umbrella we love. It’s beautifully manufactured and functional, and it is made with RPET fabric, a new type of environmentally-friendly recycled fabric made from discarded mineral water and soda bottles. Not only that, but the handle is also made from recycled bottles. 

promotional umbrella made from recycled water bottles

Custom Branded Bags Made of Washable Kraft Paper Material

Washable Kraft Paper has been around for a while and used in making those leather looking jeans tags. It is made from natural paper fiber treated in a way that looks like leather and it’s as strong, but it can be easily sewn like fabric. It is washable, biodegradable,  and can be recycled.

Here is a perfect example of great products made with this fabric: these stylish, washable, and tear-resistant totes, lunch boxes, and insulated cooler bags, made out of kraft recycled paper. Very cool! 

Branded Bags

branded logo bags



Custom Swag Made Of Wheat Straw

Brand new in the market are products made of wheat. The material comes from reclaimed stalks from harvested wheat, a renewable and sustainable product. It is used in combination with plastic, so less of it is used, and, in case you’re wondering, it is gluten-free.

 We think this is quite an interesting option in the eco-friendly category, and there are a variety of products made with this material in the practical, everyday use type of items, such as pens, mugs, tumblers, and sunglasses, and more. 

Branded pens

branded glasses


More Products Made With Recycled Materials 

There are many more promotional products that are made with materials that incorporate recycled components in them, and we see the product selection will continue to grow. 

We love that there are also higher-end products made in this eco-friendly way, such as this beautiful, warm and super cozy blanket, with a plush feel we love. This is a perfect incentive gift recipient will appreciate and use for years to come. It’s 50″ x 60″, made of faux micro fur/faux lambswool and 100% polyester with 30% recycled material.


Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are nothing new and you have probably given your share of custom branded shopping bags yourself. Why are they on our list? We think they continue to be a very good marketing investment because they are something people are using more and more. 

Single use retail plastic bags bans are spreading like wildfire throughout the country, with more than 300 US cities having bans in place or charging for bags. That means that reusable shopping bags are a welcome gift, as long as they are of good quality. Most supermarket chains are selling their branded ones to their customers. Except for the ones you’ll give away will be larger and better quality, because, if I may say so myself, the ones we offer are much larger and better quality materials. 

Bags are one of the most frequently used promotional products, and when you consider they are used in public places, you will agree that they are a very effective way to promote brand awareness.

Additionally, bags provide a large space to display your logo and brand message, and you can even go with an edge to edge custom design if you want.

But there is something new in the world of reusable bags, here is this mesh produce grocery that can be printed with your logo.

branded fruits bags

In Conclusion

If sustainability is part of your company culture, there is a wide range of possibilities to walk the talk with the proper eco-friendly swag. From unique custom pieces to the utilitarian kind, we at KSM Promotions love the challenge of finding the right swag that aligns with your company culture and will have people talking about your brand. 

If you have a project coming up and want to go with environmentally conscious pieces, we’d love to hear from you.  

We are here to help!

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