Top 2024 Company Swag Trends To Know

by | Jan 11, 2024 | Promo Trends

What’s new in the world of swag?  That’s a question we often get. The new year brings new products and exciting swag trends that you want to know when planning your employee company store and your promotional product purchases in general,  

Let’s dive into the top trends that will help you elevate your marketing.

1. Large Capacity Custom Drinkware

We don’t quite understand the 40oz Stanley Tumblers craze, as seen in viral videos lately. Custom drinkware has always been a popular promotional product category; it was the most sold product category this past year. 

So if you want to be on trend, you can’t go wrong adding branded 40oz tumblers, Stanley or other versions, to your company store.

2. Tech Swag

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives, and useful tech swag is always well-received. Customized wireless chargersdata and RFID blockers, charging cables, and other electronic personal items are popular across many audiences and make excellent business gifts people will keep.

Take a look at our tech swag

3. The Retail Look

As we’ve seen for the past few years, retail brands continue to influence branded merchandise.

There is a preference for quality products made with quality materials and innovative decoration methods. Most name brands, such as Yeti,  Stanley, Contigo, Thermos, Samsonite, Under Armor, Patagonia, and many more, have a product selection for customization.

Name brands come at a premium price, but there are high-quality, lower-cost alternatives to achieve a retail look that will be unique to your brand.  Using subtle ways to apply the brand imprint on high-quality items can achieve an attractive retail-looking piece.  For example, laser engraving your logo on a leather-look patch that gets sewn onto a garment instead of applying embroidery.

If you’re looking for brand names or retail-looking merchandise, contact us.

4. Company Merch Boxes and Mailers

Company swag boxes became popular during the pandemic lockdowns when businesses and organizations started sending their swag to employees and clients to their homes. The pandemic is over, but merch boxes continue to grow in popularity and are widely used for different projects, such as welcoming a new team member, creating interest in an event, sales prospecting gift sets, and so much more. 

Swag boxes are versatile and can be used for many purposes. They transform the company swag from a giveaway into an experience. Recipients love to post unboxing videos on social media, which adds a whole new dimension to the brand exposure.

5. Elevated Custom Design

Traditional customization methods, such as embroidery, screenprinting, and logo patches, are going as strong as ever. Still, there is also a growing demand for fully custom promotional products, especially in apparel.  Technology advances allow for larger print areas, all-over printing, and edgy design placement options to satisfy the requirements of unique pieces with creative designs for special projects.

If you have a project like this you’d like to discuss, contact us.

6. Sustainable Swag

Undoubtedly, the eco-friendly movement is influencing our lifestyles and company cultures. We at KSM like to offer sustainable options to our clients, and we are happy to see more eco-friendly products every year. There are plenty of products made of sustainable materials, recycled plastic bottles, tires, and textiles, and even upcycled large-format signage. 

Besides products made of the materials mentioned, giving away reusable, durable and useful merch that won’t end up in landfills also contributes to sustainability. It’s all about choosing quality over quantity and making sure your swag matches your audience’s interests and lifestyle. 

Quick links to some of our favorite sustainable swag:

Canvas totes
Bamboo merch
Organic cotton products
Eco-friendly swag collection

What Do You Think of These Trends?

Promotional products are critical in building brand awareness and a positive company culture. We love helping clients bring their branded product ideas to life.

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